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The Care E On
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Judi Chapman, Inventor
About The Care E On
My Husband has been a motorized wheelchair user for almost two decades. Early on it was not that difficult to keep up with him and he didn’t go as fast as he does now. Then after a year or two his confidence grew, as did his abilities to go faster, more often and longer distances.

Many years prior to him becoming a wheelchair user, I had had a history of foot issues and my ankles were not the greatest. However, with two children, my job and just being out and about contributed to an eventual decrease in my activities that involved the use of my feet. 

Once my husband became more proficient in the motorized wheelchair he began to increase the time he spent in it and mainly outdoors. Ironically he became faster while I on the other hand became slower. He was good about going slower when I would walk with him and he was so happy being independent he would even go shopping with me. 

Then one day at the mall my feet and ankle were giving me more pain and discomfort than usual and he noticed it. He then said to me, “I don’t wish you to be in a wheelchair, but I wish I had room for you in my wheelchair and I could take you back to the van!” Then it hit me! I said to him, “You're right, I am a long way from being a wheelchair user, but I have an idea! So I started designing a device that would allow me to ride along on his, or any other power chair without causing a large negative effect on the wheelchair power (batteries) and motors!”

After that, we both traveled further, did more things together while he was using his wheelchair and our quality of life improved dramatically. 

Now we make plans to go to places that we would have never thought of going and we do it in ease. We venture to different states and actually get out of the van and travel the sidewalks and paths with no problem! We like amusement parks (Six Flags, Disneyland, Knot’s Berry Farm, Disney World, Epcot etc;) and I don’t have to miss a minute of the fun because of leg & foot fatigue from walking all day. Cruise ships, airports and shopping malls are now a breeze for my husband and I to navigate through. Even our children and grand children ride it!

During our outings (especially at places that were large and spread out) other people would stop us to ask us were we bought the device on the rear of my husbands wheelchair and we would have to tell them that it was one of a kind and made for him. After about 30 or 40 people stopped us and asked us were we could get one, I said to my husband, “I don’t know about you, but it seems to me there are a lot of people out there who not only need this like I do but, who also want the freedom and quality of life this device has brought us!"

Now I am excited to finally share this life-changing device with everyone!

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