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The Care E On
Put our expertise to work for you. At The Care E On, we are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to the community as a premier provider of services for the area.
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News and Reviews for The Care E On
Jim Estes
Mar 25, 2013 

We have owned one of these devices for over two years now and will say that it is without question the most rewarding item we have purchased since I became wheelchair bound ten years ago. The care-e-on has allowed my wife ad I to literally 'ride together' whenever we go shopping, vacations, visiting friends, attending movies - you name it. Before we attached the care-e-on to my power wheelchair, whenever we would be on sidewalks it was really not conducive to my wife and I being side-by-side like other couples. Either she would have to walk ahead of me, or behind me and we couldn't have conversations without having to nearly shout to each other. But since we've had the carry-e-on - she simply jumps on the carry-e-on and places her arms around my shoulders or grasps the back of my wheelchair- and off we go! It is great to be able to experience life together again. We can move along side our other friends as a couple. In fact, I think on more than a few occaisions our friends would have loved to have the freedom ad mobility that the carry-e-on has given us! The moey that you'll spend to purchase this device will pay for itself in terms of the closeness it will bring back into your relationship with your significant other, family members, children, etc. It has been aazing how this one, well-designed and well constructed piece of equipment has been such an overnight change in others perceptions of me - my power wheelchair - and of my wife and I. It just seemed like wherever we would go people would smile as they saw my wife and I zipping along together as a couple. It was an immediate shift in our own perceptions of ourselves as well. Rather than my wife or one of my family members awkwardly chasing me in my power wheelchair - from behind or ahead of me - we could now move along with each other as a single unit (couple!), together - like it should be. It was as if other people no longer quickly gazed away when would see us - to immediately our becoming a couple and the positive comments from others was just pretty special. Now other folks didn't look away, in fact they couldn't resist smiling and asking us about our new freedom! I don't think that I can overstate what the care-e-on has meant to us. Thanks for making such a positive difference in our lives! 

Jim & Lezlie, 
Fredericksburg, VA